Jax Motor Works is a licensed, Florida Independent Dealership. Most banks and credit unions do not finance vehicles older than 10 years or with more than 100,000 miles. However, Jax Motor Works has established relationships with lenders in the greater Jacksonville area that make exceptions to this rule. If you are interested in getting financing on an older vehicle to accommodate your financial budget, fill out the credit application below and we will find a lending home for you.

JMW provides financing options for customers with all credit tiers.

Helpful Tip for Internet Buyers: Arrange your financing BEFORE bidding on eBay. Apply for financing from a bank, credit union or online financier. Then, compare the loan offers you’ve received and choose the one that best suits your needs! We are happy to work with the lending institution of your choice and provide them with any documentation or paperwork they require.


If you would rather download the Credit Application and fill it out please CLICK HERE. You can fill out the Credit Application on your computer, print it, then fax to 904-339-9887.

    If you choose to submit your credit application online, please fill out the form and press "SUBMIT APPLICATION".
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