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Jax Motor Works was established because of my affinity for all types of cars. There has been a tremendous void in the used car market to educate customers on how the loan process really works. Inspecting cars for major defects and pricing is just the tip of the iceberg on how to evaluate cars properly. My motivation to educate customers came from my own experiences as a customer where, in retrospect, I know that I was taken advantage of. When I finance a customer, I feel that it is my obligation to help them understand every option that they have available to them so that they will want to make their monthly car payment. In addition, when they are ready, they’ll think of my recommendations and return to me for an upgrade. ~ Desmond Hooker, Owner

How we select our vehicles

The selection of vehicles at Jax Motor Works is important to us. You could say our motto is – “We sell only the vehicles that we would want to drive.”

What does this mean for you? All of our vehicles offer the same rigorous selection process which includes four areas of concern.

SAFETY: We sell vehicles that are safe to drive for you and your family. That is why we take all of our vehicles to a certified mechanic to perform a complete safety inspection.

LOW MILES: Low mileage means your vehicle will be a great investment and it can also get you a possible discount with your insurance company.

CLEAN CARFAX: We use CARFAX, the leading source of vehicle history information for buyers of used cars. CARFAX has the most comprehensive vehicle history database available.

CLEAN TITLE: A clean title, also known as “clear title,” “just title,” “good title” and “free and clear title”, is a title without any kind of lien or levy from creditors or other parties and poses no question as to legal ownership. The last thing we would want is to sell you a vehicle with some sort of checkered past.

Jax Motor Works' 12 year timeline from the beginning

our history

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    2010 – The beginning

    We started selling cars from our home, where we would park them in our driveway.

  • 2

    2014 – First location

    Our first location was located in a garage next to other businesses.

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    2018 – New Main office

    We relocated to our new location off St. John's Bluff Road.

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    2022 – New Website launch

    Our new website was launched bringing us into the 21st century.